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  • Stephen Gwin says:


    I was hoping to ask the superintendent to do a safety review of the North Elementary Color Run. There have been abc news stories and other well sourced articles stating that inhaling this powder, even though it is cornstarch, is not safe. they say the FDA approval is for ingestion, not inhalation. Also that there is evidence of the powder causing tissue damage and lesions in the lungs, and the powders containing mercury, cadmium, and other toxic components.

    I’m no Doctor, but my B.S. is in Biology and these articles sound accurate to me. I haven’t complained and I don’t want to, cause I’m just not that guy, but would you mind doing a bit of research and maybe talking with a pulmonologist or two?

    One alternative could be to use water, food coloring, and water guns. Much the same colorful effects, without the aerosolized powder and heavy metals.

    Thank you,

    • Shannon Dulaney says:

      Thank you Stephen for this message of concern. I will start with Dr. Gray, who is always so responsive and generous with his time. I’m sure he knows the right people to visit with and will be able to get us an answer. I’ll let you know.
      Take care,

    • Shannon Dulaney says:

      Hello Stephen,
      Here’s the information I received regarding research on your question about cornstarch:

      Ok. There isn’t much out there. One study on the cornstarch used on medical gloves. But no info on dose, exposure time, etc. I would say that the risks are small. It would be good to do further research to see if there is a viable alternative.

      Although the risk is small, I will have our schools look to see if there is another alternative. Thanks for your care and concern.

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