Lunch Policy

Policy Code: EFB

Adoption Date: Tuesday, December 16th, 2014


The Iron County School District has entered into an agreement to participate in the National School Lunch Program, and accepts responsibility for providing free and reduced price meals to eligible children in the schools under its jurisdiction.

The Child Nutrition Program will provide free or reduced price meals to all qualifying students as determined by the state and the appropriate district officials in accordance with family income standards, regulations, and procedures that have been prescribed by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Applications for free and reduced meal benefits can be submitted online and are available on the ICSD website and can be found by selecting departments, then nutrition services. Applications are also available at each school and at the district office.

Parents may submit an application anytime during the school year.

Parents may also re-submit an application if there are changes in the household. An example would be a change of income due to job loss or additional household members such as the birth of a baby.

If students qualify for free or reduced priced school meals, their meals are reimbursed in whole or in part with federal funds. Otherwise, the meal reimbursement is minimal and parents are expected to pay for their student’s meals.

Schools receive partial reimbursement for meals served to students who do not qualify for free meals. Parents must make payments to student’s account to make up the difference between the federal reimbursement and the cost of the meal.

Payments can be made online by using debit or credit cards. The link is also available on the ICSD website and can be found by selecting departments, then nutrition services. Parents may set up a low balance alert when using this service. Parents may also pay by sending a check or cash to the school.

If a check is returned to ICSD by a financial institution then ICSD reserves the right to reject future checks from that individual.

Payments should clearly indicate the account(s) to which the funds should be credited with students’ name(s) and amount.

A school shall credit meal payments from parents to the student’s account before the meal period. This assures all funds are accurately applied to meal accounts in advance of students selecting school meals.

Schools are not required by state or federal law to provide meals to students who do not have the funds to pay for the meal.

If an account is delinquent and partial payment is sent the school will apply payments to the purchase of the current day’s meal first, and the payment of past due accounts second.

Schools will identify student accounts that do not have adequate balances daily and parents will be notified daily by phone, text or email, to allow parents to indicate how they wish to make payments.

Schools shall maintain documentation of attempts to contact parents and collect delinquent funds.

For grades K-8 the school may not tell students to “remind” their parents to send money to the school. It is the parents’ responsibility to pay the student’s account. Asking the students to remind parents is inappropriate.

Contact about delinquent accounts for grades K-8 will be made from adult to adult and will not involve the child.

School staff may remind students in secondary school (grades 9-12) that the students account balance is low. Staff may also inform students that they cannot choose a school meal because accounts are delinquent.