Windows Instruction Overview

Warning You will need to be at a School or at the District Office to be able access the files needed for these instructions.

If you are using any browser other than FireFox you will need to follow the instructions under the header Windows instructions for Chrome.

Else, if you are using FireFox, follow the instructions under the header Window instructions for FireFox

Windows instructions for Chrome

Download this .zip file: Certificates 2019

In your download folder find the .zip file named "" and double click to unpack. A new folder will appear named "WindowsCerts2019".

This folder will contain the follow two files, cert_Decryption_SSL.cert and cert_Internet_Portal.crt

Open the folder and double click each file, one at a time. If prompted enter the computer password.

Follow the prompts on the Windows Installer to complete the installation. When asked for a location, you must Browse to the Trusted Root folder. Do not take the default location.

Windows instructions for FireFox

Open these instructions in FIreFox. Using FireFox you will be required to click two links. Click the first link. A pop up will appear. Check the 3 unchecked boxes and click ok.

Repeat this for the second link.

Link: Certificate 1

Link: Certificate 2