Step: 1

First navigate to Then follow the instructions below.

Step: 2

For a complete walkthrough you can watch this video.

Step: 3

Open your email address on file with PowerSchool for your student. You should have received an email from inviting you to activate your parent account. Click "Activate Your Account" to get started.

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Step: 4

You will then set up your profile by creating a password and clicking the box to certify you are a parent/guardian. Then click on "Save and Continue"

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Step: 5

You will be able to toggle between your students by clicking on the drop-down menu next to your first child's name (sorted alphabetically). Some older browsers do not allow for these types of drop-down menus so use an up to date browser (we suggest Google Chrome) if you can't access the drop-down menu. You can see at a glance where you student is at including a colored snapshot of their current standing in each class. Blue represents Mastery, green represents Proficient, yellow represents Approaching, and red represents Developing. You can click on any class to see their detailed progress and overall grade.

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Step: 6

The overall percentage grade for the class appears in the circle in the top right. This is determined by how many of the standards your student has either met (green/proficient) or exceed (blue/mastery) the teacher's expectations. The percent of standards in blue or green is the percentage you see in the circle and will be converted into a letter grade for secondary students at the end of the term.

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Step: 7

Each standard can be expanded as shown to see each assessment within that standard. Clicking on an assessment will show you details the teacher has made available.

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Step: 8

When you are ready to log in the next time you will go to and click "LOGIN" in the top right-hand corner. Then you will enter your email and password as shown below.

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