Policy Code: KJ

Adoption Date: Tuesday, February 25th, 2014


All non-governmental fliers, for profit advertisements, and business promotional materials, to include businesses or financial interests must review and follow the District policy procedures below:

All requests to distribute advertising fliers or promotional materials for non-governmental entities must be reviewed and approved by the Iron County School District Superintendent. A flier distribution fee will be charged, and a maximum of four fliers will be approved per month. Approval will be based on appropriateness of content and date of receipt. Interested individuals must email, fax or bring in to the ICSD offices a copy of the advertisement and fill-out an advertisement approval form and receive verification of approval BEFORE printing.

Email: or FAX 435-586-2815

After approval, businesses or vendors must deliver fliers and payment to:

Iron County School District Foundation

2077 W. Royal Hunte Dr.

Cedar City, UT 84720

Flier distribution fee payable to the ICSD Foundation:

  • $50 per school;
  • or $500 district-wide

The following disclaimer must be printed in at least a 10 point font size, and displayed clearly at the bottom of the flier:

“These materials are neither sponsored nor endorsed by Iron County School District. Iron County School District Foundation has received direct financial benefit for distribution of this flier.”

Fliers must be bundled in the following manner:

  • Approved fliers must be divided into groups of 30 and packaged per school according to the official distribution list.
  • Each school bundle must be labeled with the school name in the upper right corner.

Fliers will be distributed to elementary students and placed in the office at secondary schools. The final decision concerning flier distribution and the manner in which fliers are distributed is at the principal’s discretion.

The ICSD Superintendent will approve all promotional materials.

All governmental, City, college or university information, fliers, and event materials should be sent to the ICSD Superintendent’s office at the following:

or FAX 435-586-2815; or

Iron County School District

2077 W. Royal Hunte Dr.

Cedar City, UT 84720

All of these agencies must be not for-profit agencies. After required information is submitted and checked, the Superintendent’s administrative assistant will inform the agency representative, listed on the promotional materials approval form, of acceptance or rejection of the promotional materials. If the information or material contains or is supplemented with commercial advertising or other non-governmental information or material it will not be approved for distribution.

In the high school setting, advertising space may be purchased by individuals or businesses at the discretion of the High School. Advertisement must be for materials that contribute to the instructional program or for the general community betterment. Standards of quality for the actual sign must be met. The school principal must approve the subject matter and quality of the advertisement. The funds generated by this advertising goes to the general activity fund of the school involved and is administered by the principal.

A professional contract with entities does not imply endorsement of individuals or companies. Use of the name of the Iron County School District in advertising by the individual or business in not permitted.