Policy Code: KG

Adoption Date: Tuesday, December 16th, 2014


The facilities of the Iron County School District may be used by the community through the community school program of the district.

  1. Worthwhile classes and activities and the reasonable use of buildings and facilities will be made available to all, under proper supervision and with proper coordination with K-12 programs

  2. There must be continual effort in a variety of ways to communicate the purposes, values, and the details of the many community education activities to as many people as possible.

  3. The community education staff includes numerous people who are skilled in a subject area but may not have teacher training or experience. It also includes professional teachers who are teaching age groups outside their certification level.

  4. Community education classes and activities must be self-supporting. Enough tuition must be charged for the program to pay for the instructor.

  5. School facilities may be used free of charge for community education activities.


Community education activities may take place in facilities at Parowan, Canyon View, and

Cedar High Schools, at Cedar and Canyon View Middle Schools and at Iron Springs, Three Peaks, and Escalante Valley Elementary Schools.

  1. Rental fees will be charged to private, commercial, church, city leagues, or other groups. The use of school buildings and grounds is granted pursuant to the Utah Civic Center statutes at UCA 53A-3-413 – 414. Approval under this policy is a permit under the Civic Center statutes and grants the District full legal immunity under the Governmental Immunity Act of Utah pursuant to 63G-7-301. For profit organizations must do the following: (1) complete the facilities user request form (2) sign a hold harmless agreement which holds the school district free from liability, and (3) provide a certificate of insurance, with limits of at least $1,000,000 bodily injury and $100,000 property damage that names the Iron County School District as an additional insured on the certificate. Non-profit organizations must complete the facilities user request form and provide a copy of their 501c3 form. The district will determine if the request has been approved or declined and issue a permit for use of the district property requested.

  2. Persons or organizations using school district grounds without a permit are subject to use at their own risk. Property use is granted to user as a permit (UCA. 63G-301 Governmental Immunity).

  3. Organizations or groups desiring the use of a school facility must have a designated person in charge of the activity

  4. Building principals must give final approval for use of the buildings in which they work.

  5. Regular school (K-12) activities receive priority for use of school buildings and grounds if they have given adequate and reasonable notice. School facilities are available for community purposes at times when they will not interfere with regular school activities.

  6. Civic clubs will not be charged for commercial use of school facilities if revenues are to be used for community improvements. They must, however, pay for cooks, stage crews, custodians, etc. when such personnel are used.

  7. One time use of school facilities by an organized group for a worthwhile activity may not require a rental fee as outlined under the rental schedule. This includes public meetings, political meetings and other such one time uses.

  1. See policy DFD and DFD-R for rental information.

  2. The auditorium supervisor must be present when auditorium stages are used at all secondary schools. Organizations using such facilities must pay for additional technical help if required.

  3. Organizations using school kitchens must pay for one cook to be present. If additional supervision or custodial help is provided by Iron District, a charge may be required to cover the district’s cost.

  4. Any group, commercial or otherwise, who uses the school facility on weekends, during summer breaks or at other times when school is not in session and the community school coordinator is not on his/her regular work schedule, will be charged a $40.00 per hour fee in addition to the regular building rental.

  5. Rental charges include the cost for lights, air systems, etc.


  1. School buildings and grounds are not available to public groups for summer dances. In special cases approved by the district administration, Iron County School District approved school groups may sponsor summer dances. These dances must have adequate supervision by school staff, must follow all fund raising policies, and must be planned to prevent the concerns of noise, pollution, litter, lack of supervision and undesirable behavior.

  2. Building and grounds are not available for rock concerts.

  3. Outside organizations may not use school facilities if their own facilities are adequate for the intended purpose and are not being utilized.

  4. Buildings and grounds shall not be made available for sleeping accommodations for outside traveling groups using sleeping bags, overnight trailers, or camping gear.

Inadvisable Uses:

The Iron District Board of Education may refuse to permit the use of school property as a civic center if it determines the use to be inadvisable.

Utah Code Ann. § 53A-3-414(5)

The Iron County School District is not responsible or liable for the loss or damage of personal property stored, used, or left on school premises by community members, students, or school employees.