Policy Code: JO-R

Adoption Date: Monday, July 9, 2018


IMPORTANT: Student Directory Information will never be sold, and will only be used for the following purposes: School Related Activities Military Recruitment Activities (as required by law) Required State Testing or Testing Research applications (upload to state-secured systems for graduation)

In compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Utah State Law, the Iron County School District may disclose student Directory Information, without parental consent, for students attending school within the district. Common usage for student Directory Information includes: school or district activities or events, school yearbooks, websites and other media, graduation programs, and recognition of student achievement. Parents (and legal guardians) who do not want their student(s) data shared for these school or district purposes may OPT-OUT their student(s) from Directory Information.

Elements of student Directory Information includes:

Student Name

Home Addresses

Email Addresses

Phone Numbers

Date of Birth

Current School Name and Grade Level

Extracurricular Participation Honors and Awards


Video or Digital Images

Height and Weight (for Athletic Participants)

Previous Schools and Years Attended

Parents’ Names

Parents will have an opportunity (annually, during registration) to review the [Directory Information] status of their student. A parent who elects to OPT-OUT their student from Directory Information must make this request, in writing, to the principal within ten (10) days from the first day of school (or ten days from the first day of enrollment for students transferring into the district). A student who has opted-out is doing so voluntarily; this includes ALL data elements listed (selective not permitted).

Students who reach the age of 18 prior to the start of the school year do not require parental approval to OPT-OUT of Directory Information (at age 18, parental consent is no longer required).

Item 1-A: Letter to Principal

Parents requesting their student to be OPTED-OUT from Directory Information must read, understand, and include (in their letter to the principal), the following statement, with appropriate parent and student names specified.

"I, ___________________ (parent name) understand that by opting-out my student ___________________(student name) from sharing Directory Information, that my student will be opted-out of ALL student data elements and not from a reduced selection of the elements found in the district Directory Information list. I understand that by electing to opt-out my student, (he) or (she) will not be included in the school yearbook, will not be able to participate on an athletic or school competition team, will not be listed in graduation events, and will not have their student information entered into programs, rosters, statistics, or any other school or district notation. This information includes my Student’s Name, Address (physical and internet addresses), Phone Number, Date of Birth, Grade Level, Extracurricular Participation, Awards or Honors, Photographs, Video or Digital Images, Height and Weight, Previous Schools Attended with Dates of Attendance, and Parents’ Names. I also understand that this opt-out request will exist for the duration of this school year, except where required by law, and that I will have ten (10) days from the start of the next school year to remove this opt-out status, unless my student transfers out of district or graduates."