Policy Code: JHCDB

Adoption Date: August 22, 2017

Opioid Overdose Response

In accordance with Utah Code Title 26 Chapter 55 Opioid Overdose Response Act (5/10/2016), the district may have available Naxalone 4 mg, nasal spray to designated schools.

It is the policy of Iron County School District to provide assistance to any person(s) who may be suffering from an opioid overdose following protocols of the school district. District personnel shall make every reasonable effort to include the use of Naxalone Nasal Spray to revive the victim of any apparent drug overdose.

All procedures as written in Utah State law Sections 26-55-101 through 26-55-107 of the USR will be followed. (See appendix VII)

Education of school Personnel:

  • School staff will be trained annually, or as needed, by the school nurse to recognize signs and symptoms of an opioid overdose, respond by immediately calling 911, reversing the symptoms by administering nasal Naxalone, and have EMS transport the individual to the nearest medical facility.
  • Nasal Naxalone will be administered by district personnel.

Medication and Storage:

  • Nasal Naxalone will be procured through Adapt Pharma Inc, or through another licensed entity to distribute this medication. They may provide a single dose or two dose kit of Naxalone 4 mg nasal spray to each designated school. This distribution program can be discontinued at the sole discretion of the provider. The school will fund further supplies of Naxalone if the distribution program is discontinued.
  • The supervising physician for Iron County School District will be the authorized prescriber to obtain nasal Naxalone when an authorized prescription is required and will write prescriptions as needed to replace medications.
  • The school nurse will be responsible for checking the expiration date of the product, and will notify the District Nursing Supervisor when the medication is expiring.
  • Nasal Naxalone will be stored in an area out of reach of the student body, but accessible to staff when needed.
  • Naxalone may be used to treat any person in need during school hours or school functions when they occur on school grounds and access is available.