Policy Code: JGD

Adoption Date: Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005

Review Date: Tuesday, June 17th, 2014


  1. Immediate Suspension. The immediate removal of a student from a single class period for a single day. It is understood that the student will not miss a class conducted by another teacher without the approval of the school administrator. This sanction may be handled by a teacher in cooperation with the school administration and school policy.

  2. Short Term Suspension. Suspension for ten (10) days or less. This sanction may be handled by the principal of the school.

  3. Short Term Suspension with an Extraordinary Impact. Extraordinary impact is defined as the removal of a student from school at a time when there would be an inordinate impact on the student's academic standing. For instance, if a child were removed during the period of final examinations and thus lost the opportunity of participating in the examinations and as a result failed to pass the class. Final decisions for these cases are to be made by the superintendent of schools.

  4. Expulsion or Long-Term Suspension. Long-term suspension is defined as suspension for more than ten (10 days.) This action can only be taken at the District level.

    During the period of long-term suspension or expulsion, the student may not enroll in another high school in the district.

  5. Appeals. Students and/or parents or guardians have the right to appeal a decision to the school board whenever sanctions have been imposed.

  6. Due process shall be followed (see JFA).