Policy Code: JFA

Adoption Date: Tuesday, December 14th, 2004

Review Date: Tuesday, November 16th, 2010


All students shall be given procedural due process prior to imposition of sanctions for inappropriate behaviors or acts committed at school or school related activities. This due process shall include:

  1. Informing the students of the rules and regulations of the school or school activity.
  2. The student, and parent or guardian will be given oral and/or written notice of the charges against him or her.
  3. If the student denies the charges, he or she will be given an explanation of the evidence the authorities have relative to the charges.
  4. The student will be given the opportunity of explaining his or her side of the story.
  5. The Superintendent will be informed of the action taken.

Students or parents, shall have the right of appealing an administrative decision. Such an appeal includes the rights to:

  1. A hearing before the Superintendent in the case of suspensions, or before the Superintendent or the Board in the case of expulsions.
  2. Representation by a responsible person including an attorney, particularly if the school district's attorney is in attendance.
  3. Prior notice of principal witnesses and documents and their testimony if it is anticipated by the school district that these will be in support of the charges.
  4. An opportunity for the employee or student to conduct his/her own defense and furnish witnesses and documents on his/her own behalf.
  5. An opportunity to confront those persons giving evidence against him/her.
  6. A tape recording or record of the hearing will be made and retained by the school district for two-year period and a transcription will be made available to the student.