Policy Code: JFC

Adoption Date: Tuesday, September 18th, 1990

Review Date: Tuesday, May 20th, 2014


Inhibiting the learning process. In cases where student behavior becomes disruptive to the learning process, the teacher shall counsel with the students giving them encouragement to change their behavior. A parent, teacher and student conference shall be called in cases where the student's behavior is extreme and teacher-student counseling does not seem to solve the problem. Every effort shall be made to evaluate the problem and establish a written plan that will be followed. The written plan will include a contractual agreement that the student will cease and desist from further disruptive behavior. All parties in attendance will sign the plan as a witness that they will live up to the agreement.

In a situation where student behavior becomes disruptive to the extent that it interferes with the learning and teaching process, the teacher is counseled to deal with the problem in a professional and objective manner, avoiding undue emotional involvement.

Some problems develop so rapidly or to such an extent that teachers and other school personnel must take immediate measures to control highly disruptive behavior or to avoid personal injury or abuse to other students or to themselves. In this event, teachers may use appropriate means, acting in loco parentis to restrain or control the student(s) involved.

In cases that persist and the student shows no effort to improve his behavior, the principal may become involved in the counseling and discipline of the student. If a student is suspected of having emotional disturbance, IDEA regulations will be followed (part VII, A.2 Utah State Rules) After earnest and persistent effort has been made by the school to help students change undesired behaviors, that they can control, the student may be referred to the Board of Education for suspension or expulsion from school.

Profanity. Teachers and other employees are to correct students when students use profanity. Each school shall conduct a school-wide campaign to eradicate such unacceptable speech patterns.

Violations of law. All activities which are violations of law are prohibited. Violations will be dealt with by the school administration according to the due process procedures (see JFA).

Detaining students after school. Students may not be detained after school for such lengths of time that (a) the opportunity to ride the school bus is missed or the student's arrival time at home is altered by more than 15 minutes, unless the parent or guardian of the student is contacted by the appropriate school employee. Students may be kept longer while parents or guardians are being notified if their health or safety would be adversely affected by release from school. (Utah Code 53A-3-415)