Policy Code: JHC-R1

Adoption Date: Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005

Review Date: Tuesday, May 20th, 2014


  1. The principal will inform all teachers of the standards, objectives and laws for teaching the AIDS curriculum as contained and set forth in Utah State Board of Education "Responsible Healthy Lifestyles, Teacher Resource File for AIDS Education, 1988, Levels 3-12."

  2. Teachers must be trained in AIDS education before the curriculum is taught in the classroom. Training will include descriptions of ways for handling students with discretion and sensitivity.

  3. The principal will provide informational material as contained in "Responsible Healthy Lifestyles, Teacher Resource File for AIDS Education, 1988, Level 3-12, for parents on the AIDS curriculum for grades 3-12."

  4. The principal will be responsible to inform parents in accordance with District Policy of their right to request a time to review the specific curriculum being used.

  5. The principal will establish a process in accordance with District directives to assure that the parent consent letter is given to all students, grades 7-12. A consent letter not returned will be treated as a "no-permission" response.

  6. An alternative assignment will be designed for students not participating in the class period when contraceptives, aimed at AIDS prevention, will be discussed.

  7. Teacher will inform students who are not to participate in the discussion of contraceptives, aimed at AIDS prevention, of the alternate assignment for that class period.

  8. Those students whose parents do not give permission for instruction will be handled with discretion and sensitivity.