Policy Code: JEE-R

Adoption Date: Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011


  1. Kindergarten. Kindergarten is a half-day program and is held 12.5 hours per week.
  2. Grades one through twelve. School is held five and one-half hours per day, exclusive of lunch periods and passing time (27.5 hours per week, for a total of 990 hours per year).
  3. All grades must hold school 180 days per year to qualify for State Funds. Kindergarten must hold school at least two hours to qualify for a school day. All other grades must hold school at least four hours to qualify for a school day. Any school day held less than the required time does not meet the minimum qualifications for a school day and cannot be counted to receive State School Funds.
  4. The District Administration has the ability to adjust school day length to accommodate specific educational goals. State minimum time requirements (180 days -990 hrs) will always be met.
  5. Elementary school staff training days begin at 1:30p.m. each Wednesday. The first Wednesday of each month is set aside for district training, the third Wednesday for school training, and the other Wednesdays are set aside for teacher preparation and collaboration. Instructional time has been extended on the other days of the week, by starting school earlier, and reducing lunchtime. This was done to preserve the required 180 days and 990 hours of instructional hours, as per Utah law (53A-17a-134-5bc) and Utah Administrative Rule (R277-419-3A1).