Policy Code: JO

Adoption Date: Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Review Date: Tuesday, October 28th, 2014


(FERPA - Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act)

School officials may release information from a student's records only to:

  1. The parent or legal guardian. By law, both parents whether married, separated, or divorced, have access to student records. A parent whose rights have been legally terminated will be denied access to the records if the school is given a copy of the court order terminating these rights.
  2. State and local officials to whom such information is specifically required to be reported or disclosed by state statute.
  3. Appropriate persons, who, in an emergency, must have such information in order to protect the health and safety of the student or other persons.

In order for information contained in educational records to be released to any individuals, agencies, or organizations other than those listed above, written consent must be obtained from the student’s parent or legal guardian. Such consent shall specify records to be released, the reason for such release, and to whom the records are to be released. Such information shall also be released in compliance with a judicial order or subpoena provided that the school makes a reasonable effort to notify the parent or legal guardian of the order or subpoena in advance of compliance.

Schools may disclose student directory information without parental consent, as long as an “opt out” opportunity has been provided to parents. Directory information is defined as and includes: a students name, address, telephone listing, enrollment status (grade and school), email address, and photograph (either electronically, as on a school web page, or hard copy publication, as in a newspaper or yearbook).