Policy Code: JEBA

Adoption Date: Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010


The following procedures will be used to identify student race and ethnicity within the Iron County School District:

  1. Parent/ Guardian will be asked to first self-report student race and ethnicity on the school registration form.
  2. When the parent/guardian neglects or refuses to identify their student’s race and/or ethnicity, the following steps will be taken at each school site:
    • School personnel will attempt to identify student race and ethnicity by reviewing past student records and those of their siblings, when available.
    • The parent/guardian will be contacted by the school administrator and be asked to identify their student’s race and ethnicity.
    • If a records review and parent/guardian contact fails to identify, then the school principal will notify the parent/guardian that school personnel are required by law to use the observer identification process to make a race and ethnicity determination.
    • The school administrator will then use the observer identification standards outlined in the National Cooperative Education Statistics System (NCESS) to identify the student’s race and ethnicity.
    • Based on the observer identification, race and ethnicity will be recorded on the student’s registration form and will be used when the school and district collects race and ethnicity data for local, state and federal reporting purposes.