Policy Code: JECC

Adoption Date: Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Review Date: Tuesday, October 27th, 2015


The Iron School District provides open enrollment in our schools with three provisions. Those three provisions are identified by the Utah State Legislature in their open enrollment laws. (See Utah Code 53A-2-207 to 53A-2-213.)

First: Availability of Space

As stated in Utah Code 53A-2-208, the capacity of the program, class, grade, level, or school building is a consideration. Enrolling a student in a school outside his/her attendance area must not overcrowd the programs, class, grade level or building.

Parents or guardians requesting a transfer must complete the Request for Transfer Within District Boundaries form. Forms are available at schools and district office.

Second: Serious Infractions of the Law or School Rules

Utah Code 53A-2-208 (3b), allows the denial of applications from students who have committed serious infractions of the law or school rules, including rules of the district in which enrollment is sought, or who have been guilty of chronic misbehavior. The district will only allow students with such histories to be approved for transfer under the following conditions:

  1. The student demonstrates a desire for an education.
  2. The student does not endanger persons or property.
  3. The student does not cause serious disruptions.
  4. The student does not place unreasonable burdens on school staff.

In the event that serious infractions of the above conditions occur, the student will be returned to the school of their attendance area.

Third: Transportation

If the student attends a school outside and from their regular attendance area, the parents/guardians shall provide the transportation to the school. Utah Code 53A-2-210 (3a)