Policy Code: JFG

Adoption Date: Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014


When law enforcement officers find it necessary to interview minor students during the school day, they will contact the student only through the principal's office.

The student will be brought to a private office to meet the enforcement officer. All interviews will be conducted with the principal, counselor, teacher, or a parent present. The parent will be notified and may come to the interview. In compliance with state law, students 14 years and older may waive the right to have a parent present at the interview. The administrator will see that the parent or guardian is notified; preferably, the officer of the law will notify the parent of the interview and its purpose. School resource officers (SRO's) are law enforcement officers acting in the capacity of the principal's designee as a school official.

In cases of possible child abuse, the Division of Family Services will be allowed to interview the child involved without the presence of a school representative. The school will keep a record of the date, time, and the person from the Division of Family Services conducting the interview at the school.