Policy Code: JEA-R

Adoption Date: Tuesday, August 24th, 2004

Review Date: Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Compulsory Attendance

Utah Code 53A-11-101. Responsibility for minor required to attend school--Penalty for violation

  • A person having control of a minor between six and 18 years of age shall send the minor to a public or regularly established private school during the school year of the district in which the minor resides.
  • It is a misdemeanor for a person having control of a minor to willfully fail to comply with the requirements of this section.
  • A district board of education shall report cases of willful noncompliance to the appropriate juvenile court.
  • Officers of the juvenile court shall immediately take appropriate action.

Utah Code 53A-11-102. Minors exempt from school attendance.

  • The minor is over 16 years of age, completed 8th grade, and is needed to work to support a parent.
  • The minor has completed the work necessary to graduate from high school.
  • The minor is taught at home.
  • The minor has a physical or mental condition, which makes school attendance impracticable or inexpedient.
  • The minor is properly taught in connection with his or her employment.
  • The superintendent has determined that a minor over 16 years of age is unable to profit from attendance at school because of inability or a continuing negative attitude toward school regulations and discipline.

See Utah Code Sections 53A-11-101 and 102 for complete wording and specifics.