Policy Code: JECB

Adoption Date: Tuesday, February 24th, 2015


Foreign exchange students on a J-1 visa shall be admitted to the Iron County School District if registered with the Council on Standards for International Education Travel (CSIET) and approved by the Iron County School Board. See Policy JECA.

If an unsponsored Foreign or nonresident student wants to attend school in Iron County, he/she must either pay the tuition fee (The per pupil expenditure in Iron County) or have an adult resident of Iron County become their legal guardian. Guardianship must be a legal process through the District Court system. An attorney may provide the necessary forms and can help with the guardianship process and immigration issues if applicable. Guardians must provide the school principal proof of guardianship no later than one month after the student has been enrolled or the student will be billed for the tuition. (See JECB-E1)

Students, who have legal guardians who live in the State of Utah but do not live in Iron County, may also attend Iron County schools. They must fill out form JECB-E2 and turn it in to the principal before being admitted.

Foreign or nonresident students will be given all rights, opportunities, responsibilities, and obligations of other students, including the receiving of a diploma of graduation provided all graduation requirements are met.

Petitioning guardian must provide the school principal with the filing document and court case number before the student may be enrolled.