Policy Code: JECD-E2

Adoption Date: Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011


Students transferring from a school accredited by a state department of education will enroll at the grade level and with the course credits indicated by the records of the previous school. Alternative ways to meet credit requirements may also be available if it is in the student's SEOP and agreed to by the principal (See JECD-R). Students transferring from a school that is not accredited will be accepted for enrollment at the level either school records or their parents indicate, but their previous class work must be validated.

Grades K-8

Previous work will be validated for K-8 students by successfully completing the grade in which they enroll. If upon enrollment, it appears that the student is not able to handle the assigned level after 15 school days, the school psychologist or other qualified person will evaluate the student by a written and/or oral examination. The psychologist, building principal, teachers, and parents involved will meet to determine the placement of the child.

Grades 9-12

Previous high school work will be validated for a 9-12 student by successfully completing a higher-level unit in this district's high school for every unit completed in a non-accredited high school; i.e., completion of a second unit in mathematics would validate the mathematics credit transferred. If no successive course work is pursued to validate the credit, similar or equivalent work will be evaluated at the discretion of the principal. The district shall award a diploma to a student attending an Iron County School District High School full time during the semester immediately preceding graduation, if the student meets graduation requirements generally applicable to students in the Iron District High School. §53A-2-211.

No credit will be given for any course which is normally a laboratory course involving practical application of the skills or data learned in the course unless clear documentation is furnished of the student having satisfactorily participated in such laboratory experience consistent with and equivalent to course requirements in the Iron County School District.

Nothing in this policy is intended to prejudge the student's education as received in any non-accredited school, but only to assure maintenance of the standards of the Iron County School District's schools.

Adult High School

Students admitted to the Adult High School programs (1) shall be eighteen (18) years of age or (2) their class must have graduated from high school, or (3) students whose class has not yet graduated and who qualify as “out of school youth” can enroll in the Adult High for preparation for the GED. These students must contact the Adult High for permission to pursue this option.