Policy Code: IEA

Adoption Date: Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Review Date: Tuesday, June 19th, 2018




"SEP" means a personalized student education plan. "CCRP" means College and Career Readiness Plans. The only difference between an SEP and CCRP is that the CCRP includes material relevant to an occupational or career pathway objective of the student. All provisions of this policy relevant to SEPs also apply to CCRPs unless the context expressly forbids it.

The SEP/CCRP process includes the initial preparation of the SEP/CCRP, meetings held among the participants in the SEP/CCRP, record keeping with regard to evaluation of progress toward the objectives of the SEP/CCRP, and modifications of the SEP/CCRP to meet changes in circumstances, needs, or desires of the participants.


The principal or a member of the faculty of the school appointed to that position by the principal of the SEP/CCRP process shall be the School Wide Manager.


The SEP/CCRP file shall be a separate file maintained by the school for each student, which shall include the SEP/CCRP, and supporting documents. It may contain a separate division for each school year, but SEP/CCRP records for prior years at that school shall be available to participants in the SEP/CCRP process. It should include: a copy of the registration of the student for each school term showing the classes for which the student has registered; the names of teachers of the classes and telephone numbers at which participants in the SEP/CCRP process may reach the teachers of each class; and each report card issued by the school, and names, addresses and telephone numbers of all the participants in the SEP/CCRP process.


Small-group Conference means a meeting at which students, parents or guardians, and guidance counselors and teachers are invited to attend and the number of students invited does not exceed five.


With respect to a student, participants in the SEP/CCRP process is defined as: the student, the student's parent or guardian and the teacher, guidance counselor or other member of school personnel who has the assignment of participating in the preparation or maintenance of that student's SEP/CCRP.


The Utah Legislature has required school districts to establish policies, in consultation with teachers, school community councils or similar entities, and the State Board of Education to provide for the effective implementation of an SEP/CCRP for each student at the school site. The Board of Education has consulted with teachers, school community councils, and the State Board of Education to adopt the following policies.


Each elementary school shall offer its students two SEP conferences per year at which the SEP of the child may be established and reviewed jointly by the teacher, parent or guardian, and student. This conference may be at the time usually set aside for parent-teacher conferences.


Each secondary school shall offer its students one CCRP conference per year at which the CCRP of the child may be established and reviewed jointly by the teacher, parent or guardian, and student, and a second CCRP or small-group conference. These conferences may be at the time usually set aside for the first parent-teacher conferences of the school year.


The district will adopt a set of guidelines, which sets forth the minimum standard school program, and general guidelines required of all students. This shall be supplemented by the teacher, parent or guardian and student. From grades 9-12 it is the responsibility of the student to prepare the CCRP, in consultation with a school counselor or teacher and with the student's parent or guardian. The purpose of the SEP/CCRP is to express the needs and aspirations of the student, to mobilize the resources of the school to help the student reach the objectives required by the minimum school program and by the SEP/CCRP and to set forth objectives desirable for the benefit of the student. Therefore, the SEP/CCRP may include objectives which are beyond the means or resources of the school. The objectives stated in the SEP/CCRP should include activities and means helpful for implementing the objectives, which may include (1) programs available at school and (2) resources and activities not available through school but which must be provided independently by parents and guardians, or by students, or from other sources besides those of the school. All materials that would be helpful to the students should be included in the SEP/CCRP, such as grades, attendance, credits earned, progress toward graduation, etc.


The principal of each school shall be responsible to provide staff training in conducting a meaningful SEP/CCRP conference. In this training, the rules set by the Utah State Office of Education concerning SEP/CCRP will be included. The district may provide schedules for shortened school days to help facilitate the scheduling of these conferences. However, teachers will be expected to schedule all parents and guardians for these conferences, including time beyond the shortened schedules.


The SEP/CCRP file is a private file. Private files are protected by FERPA (See JO Release of Student Information) and shall be made available only to participants in the SEP/CCRP process without obtaining appropriate consents from students and their parents or guardians. Portions of confidential documents not usually disclosed to one or more of the participants in the SEP/CCRP process may be included in the SEP/CCRP file with the consent of school personnel charged with protecting the privacy of those affected by the document and after obtaining consents of other affected parties, if necessary. It is not the Board's intention to waive any of its rules governing privacy in this connection. It is the Board's intention that the SEP/CCRP file be as complete as possible without reference to other documents outside the file. The SEP/CCRP file should therefore not contain any documents by reference from other school archives.