Policy Code: IJ

Adoption Date: Tuesday, November 15th, 2011


Each school within the Iron County School District shall, in compliance with Utah Code

53-A-1a-108, establish a school community council at the school building level.

Composition of Councils

Each school community council shall consist of school employees, including the principal, and parents or guardians of students who are attending the school.

The recommended composition of school community councils for high schools is six (6) parent or guardian members and five (5) school employee members, including the principal. The recommended composition for other schools is four (4) parent or guardian members and three (3) school employee members, including the principal. While the community councils may be larger or smaller, the number of parent or guardian members must always exceed the number of school employee members and the minimum number of members must be three (3) parent or guardian members and two (2) school employee members.

Notice of available community council positions and selection of members

The Iron County School District will follow all aspects of Utah Code 53-A-1a-108 in the public notification of available positions to both parents and guardians and school employees, selection of school employee and parent or guardian members, and terms of office for all community council members.

Duties of Councils
  • Create a school improvement plan
  • Create a School LAND Trust program for the school
  • Assist in the creation and implementation of a staff professional development plan
  • Advise and make recommendations regarding a child access routing plan and other issues relating to the community environment for students
  • At the elementary level, assist in the development of a reading achievement plan

Each community council shall comply with the Utah Open and Public Meetings Act, including prior public notification of all meetings. The school shall also distribute the following information via school web site or mailings to the parent or guardian of each student:

  • Annual meeting schedule
  • A summary of the council actions and activities once during the school year
  • A summary of the annual report of how the school’s LAND Trust money was used to improve or enhance academic excellence at the school
  • Directory information for each member of the school community council

Approval by the Iron County School Board is required for all LAND Trust budgets and plans, and all other action of the school community councils prior to their implementation.