Policy Code: IGBE

Adoption Date: Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

Review Date: Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

Remedial Instruction

The remediation of student learning deficiencies is a fundamental aspect of the educational process. Teachers should structure learning experiences to facilitate three basic characteristics of good remediation:

  1. Remediation is most effective when done immediately after determining a student has not mastered a standard concept--the same day whenever possible.
  2. Remediation is most effectively accomplished by the classroom teacher who taught the concept standards and identified the student's deficiency.
  3. Remediation is most effective which concentrates on the concepts standards which escaped mastery and does not require repeating the entire class.

All teachers shall follow the grading policy of the Iron County School District (IKA) as the first means of remediating student deficiencies.

Pursuant to Utah Code 53A-13-104, remedial classes will be offered at least once each school year, and whenever a minimum of 15 students need a given class, for each of the following CORE Curriculum subject areas: Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.

Remedial classes online courses will be available for all students who have failed all or any portion of the indicated courses Core Curriculum subject area courses and many electives. The remedial classes will be taught by discipline and individualized according to the needs of the student i.e., the class will teach all courses in the discipline according to the individual needs of the student and will accommodate individual student ability to proceed at varying paces. Students may repeat a class in the regular day schedule only with the approval of the school principal. Accessing online courses for make-up is preferred.

Students may challenge a particular class by taking the appropriate end of level test/competency test for that class. End of level tests will be those tests developed by the Utah State Office of Education for each of the subjects in the Core Curriculum.

Students participating in the remedial classes, repeating a class in the regular schedule, or challenging a course through the end of level test will be assessed a fee to participate in each component of the program. All fees assessed under this policy will be subject to the laws, policies, and regulations governing school fees.