Policy Code: IGDC

Adoption Date: Tuesday, November 19th, 2013


The use of media in the classroom can enhance learning when directly related to the Utah Core Curriculum.


The use of all media must be educationally defensible. Full-length films and commercially produced media must be approved by the school administrator. Any time media is used in school, its educational purpose should be clear to students and parents.

Parents must be notified of the use of clips from PG and PG-13 rated media. A parental permission form must be sent home stating the rating and the cause for the rating. A rationale for how the video supports the curriculum must also be explained along with a description of an alternate activity, should a parent/guardian choose NOT to have the students view the proposed media. (See IGCD E-1)

ICSD prohibits the use of media containing any of the following: graphic violence, profanity, sexual innuendo, or nudity.

Content Produced Media

Content produced media, which is the preferred type of media for use in the Iron County School District, is produced mainly for the purpose of education.

Entertainment Produced Media

Entertainment produced media is media that is commercially produced for the entertainment industry. Entertainment media, in its entirety or in the form of clips, may only be used after obtaining prior approval from the school administrator using form IGDC E-2.

Media purchased by schools must not be shown for entertainment, motivation, or reward purposes unless public performance rights have been obtained.

Internet Produced Media

Internet produced media must be previewed by the educator and selected for use based upon a legitimate connection to the curriculum, age appropriateness, and community standards.


Iron County School District does not allow the use of media that is rated anything other than G and PG in the elementary schools; and G, PG, and PG-13 in secondary schools.

Clips from entertainment produced media that carry a PG and PG-13 rating must be approved by the school administrator. The content of the clips themselves must be comparable to G rated material.

Guidelines for Purchasing Media with School Funds

When purchasing media for use in education settings make certain that:

  1. The educator provides evidence that the content of the media directly correlates with the Utah State Core Curriculum.
  2. The requisition or purchase order must indicate that “This media is being purchased for public display in an educational setting”.
  3. All laws relating to public performance rights are understood and followed.
Rented Media

Use of any rented media is strictly prohibited.

Legal Requirements

Because laws relating to public performance rights are complicated and changing, care must be taken to ensure that no laws are violated in the use of media in the classroom. The consequences for violating such laws will be the responsibility of the violator.