Policy Code: IGDCC

Adoption Date: Tuesday, June 17th, 2014


The school library media centers of the Iron County School District exist to provide informational resources for teachers and students, to assist students in developing literacy and research skills, and to provide recreational reading opportunities.

Collection Development

School library collection development is the ongoing process of identifying strengths and weaknesses of the library’s print, non-print, electronic resources, and equipment in relation to student and staff needs. School library media centers shall provide a broad range of educational, informational, and recreational reading resources.


Library resources and materials shall be chosen by library media professionals at each school site using guidelines and criteria adopted by the Iron County School District.

Consideration should be given to:

  • support of curriculum
  • developmental and maturity level of students
  • format
  • accuracy
  • timeliness
  • reliability
  • provision of balanced views
  • recreation needs of students
  • materials for both English language learners and foreign language programs
  • literary quality
  • quality of illustrations

Requests and suggestions of students, parents, and faculty members that fit these criteria may also be considered.


Weeding is essential to maintain a relevant and up-to-date collection. The school's library staff should periodically review the collection to determine which materials should be removed or replaced.

Books should be considered for removal if any of the following conditions apply:

  1. The book is in poor physical condition. However, literary quality and availability of a replacement should be considered.
  2. The book or series has been superseded by books containing more current information.
  3. The book contains subject matter no longer needed to support the curriculum.
  4. The book contains wrong, inaccurate or dated information.
  5. The book encourages stereotypes.
  6. The book receives little use.

Under the direction of the District Supervisor, procedures shall be established for the weeding of each school’s collection.

Any books weeded from a media center should be offered in the following order:

  1. Faculty members
  2. Other media centers in the school district
  3. Students
  4. Non-profit organizations

The donation of a book or material from an outside source does not guarantee placement in a District library media center. Potential donations must be reviewed using the same criteria for selection of purchased material.

Inventory of Library Collection

The school's library media professional is responsible to maintain a regular inventory of materials and equipment. A formal inventory shall be conducted at least every other year to assess the library collection and help with selection and acquisition of materials and equipment.

Intellectual Freedom

The School Board of the Iron County School District supports intellectual freedom in the school media centers located in district schools. The media centers will provide a variety of materials and information representing various points of view on current and historical issues.

Parental Restriction of Individual Student Access

The District recognizes the right of parents to restrict their children’s access to materials they deem inappropriate. However, no parent has the right to make that decision on behalf of other students. A parent desiring to restrict his/her own child's access to specific library books or materials shall first advise the child of the restriction. Then the parent may submit the request in writing to the library professional at the school the child is attending.

Challenged Library Materials Procedures

In special cases, a parent may challenge library material contained in the library media center of the school in which his/her child attends. The parent will use the Challenge of Library Media Materials process. This process only applies to library media, not to instructional materials used by a classroom teacher.

Challenge of Library Media Materials

The Iron County School District takes very seriously all concerns expressed by parents, students and other patrons. Every effort will be made to respond as quickly as possible to ensure that concerns are given careful consideration.

Informal challenges can often be handled by listening respectfully, explaining selection policies and intellectual freedom principles, and by explaining the media center's role vs. a parent's role in selection of materials.

When formal challenges arise, the person making the challenge will fill out the Challenge of Library Materials Form.

The form will be returned to the school where the challenged material is located.

The challenged material will be kept in circulation during the challenge period.

The person making the challenge will be asked to read the challenged material in its entirety.

The principal will convene a reconsideration committee of school personnel and parents to help address the challenge. The outcome of the challenge will be communicated directly to the patron making the challenge. All communications will be made in writing.

The reconsideration committee should take the following steps:

  1. Read or view the challenged material in its entirety.
  2. Review the selection policy and the selection process for the challenged material.
  3. Check reviews and recommendations to see what experts say about the material.
  4. Meet to discuss the challenge.
  5. Make a recommendation to the principal on retention, removal or replacement.

At the District's discretion, the challenge may be reported to the American Library Association's Office of Intellectual Freedom or Office for Library Advocacy for assistance.