Policy Code: IGDF

Adoption Date: Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016


  1. Fund drives such as readathons, walkathons, swimathons etc. for national organizations such as M.S., Heart Association, March of Dimes, etc. are not permitted. Their literature shall not be posted in or distributed by schools.

  2. Raffles and lotteries are illegal in Utah and will not be permitted under the sponsorship of the Iron District or its schools.

  3. Schools shall not participate in the sale of magazines. Book fairs sponsored by PTA's are permissible.

  4. Fund drives which are permitted include car washes, bake sales, school pictures sponsored by schools and/or PTA organizations (as determined by PTA bylaws), senior dinners, wood hauling, fertilizer hauling, book fairs, carnivals or other activities as approved in writing by the principal and the district office.

    a. Each high school group may be involved in one off-campus fund raising project, involving the solicitation of support from the community during the school year, upon the written approval of the principal and the district office. Proposals must include regulations governing student conduct and procedures to be followed. (See IGDF-E)

    b. Schools and the associated PTA units may send announcements of fund raising activities home with the children as a part of the regularly scheduled monthly newsletter; items must be approved by the principal and the district office. PTA bulletins that advertise non-approved fund drive projects shall not be distributed through the schools. No direct solicitation is permitted in the elementary schools.

    c. Door to door solicitation is prohibited.

    d. Offering prizes or incentives to students for raising the most funds is strictly prohibited.

  5. School stores such as Santa's Workshop, and other similar stores of a large scale are not permitted. Regular school bookstores are permitted on the secondary school level.

  6. High school groups, booster clubs and PTA's may sell food, etc. at ball games.

  7. Requiring students to sell, or implying that students must sell, a certain number of tickets or other promotional items is expressly prohibited.

  8. Donations or contributions may be solicited and accepted in accordance with LEA policies, but all such requests must clearly state that donations and contributions are voluntary. A donation is a fee if a student is required to make a donation in order to participate in an activity. (R277-407-6-F, School Fees, General Provisions)

  9. The Iron School District has no jurisdiction over groups that may conduct fund drives in behalf of school groups. Students may not be involved in such fund drives.