Policy Code: GBCB

Adoption Date: Monday, July 9, 2018


Staff conduct

Employee dress and appearance play a vital part in the projection of a professional image. This professional image contributes to the establishment of a positive learning environment; enhances administrator, teacher, and support staff effectiveness in working with students; allows the employee to model for students appropriate dress and appearance in the workplace; and enhances the professional image of school personnel within the community at large. Staff dress and appearance should be reflective of local community standards.

Dress Code

• T-shirts may only be worn on “Spirit Days” with a school or district logo. No tank tops or muscle shirts.

• Excessive or offensive tattoos must not be visible.

• Blue denim jeans in good condition without tears are permissible on Fridays or other approved days, on field trips when appropriate, field days, and non¬-teaching cleaning days.

• Skirts or slits in skirts should be no higher than mid-thigh.

• Professional and appropriate footwear are to be worn.

• Employees should wear appropriate shirts that cover shoulders, stomach, back, lower back, and chest.

• Hair should be clean and neatly styled.

• No body piercing with the exception of pierced ears, which should not be excessive.

• Other departments may have separate dress standards. These include bus, custodial, food service, and pe.


• All employees of the Iron County School District are models to the students of the district. As such, employee actions, behaviors, and speech should exemplify good citizenship and high moral and ethical principles. Profanity and/or vulgarity are not acceptable. Employees shall not use profanity or vulgarity in their professional capacities, responsibilities, and duties. Words and/or phrases with connotations of, or references to, deity or to sexual acts, behaviors, or bodily organs are especially repulsive and prohibited.

• Staff may not smoke, vape or use tobacco products, alcohol, or illegal drugs in school buildings, school vehicles or on school grounds at any time; this includes the employee's break time.

• Personal cell phones may only be used for professional purposes during contract time.

• School employees and volunteers should not communicate with a student using text or social media and should always maintain a professional relationship with students.