Policy Code: GCBF

Adoption Date: Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

Review Date: Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Employees who work six hours or more per day or 30 hours or more per week or have a three quarter or more contract, will be entitled to semi-unlimited sick leave. A doctor's certificate may be required. Sick leave is semi-unlimited in that contracts will probably not be renewed for persons with a terminal illness. Part-time teachers who have less than a three quarter contract will be entitled to ten days of sick leave annually, not accumulative. Part-time classified employees working less than six hours per day or less than 30 hours per week are not eligible for sick leave

Personnel absent from school because of personal illness shall receive full pay for a limited period as approved by the board. Sick leave may last up until the end of the waiting period required for long-term disability qualification (currently four months) at which time long-term disability shall be implemented, provided the employee qualifies for this benefit. If the employee does not qualify for long-term disability, there will be no additional paid sick leave. Employees may apply for options under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) (see GCBG) in order to be guaranteed the right to return to work. Any benefits, for which the employees qualify, shall be maintained throughout the approved period of time granted under the FMLA. In cases of a terminal or serious illness, contracts will not be renewed.

**Sick leave is for the employee only. ** If a spouse\, child or other family member is ill\, the employee should use the options available to them through the District’s emergency or personal leave policies. Options for attending to sick family members are also available through the FMLA (see GCBG).