Policy Code: GBMA

Adoption Date: Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

Review Date: Tuesday, May 15th, 2018


If an employee feels that his/her job is not adequately described or the requirements of the job have changed, the job classification may be appealed. It is the obligation of the employee to provide sufficient reason and substantiation for making the appeal.

Step I: Employee decides he/she would like to appeal his/her job classification

Step II: Employee contacts his/her principal/supervisor to obtain an appeal form (GBMA-E). The employee submits the completed form to the principal/supervisor. The principal/supervisor signs the form indicating they have seen the form and reviewed it.

STEP III: Once the form has been completed and signed, it will be sent to the superintendent.

STEP IV: At least once each year, these requests will be reviewed by an appeals committee, made up of the Superintendent, the Employee Association President and the Business Administrator. This committee will review the requests and make recommendations to the Iron Board of Education. The Iron Board of Education will make the final decision.