Policy Code: GCBC

Adoption Date: Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

Review Date: January 23, 2018


All regular full-time employees who work six (6) hours or more per day or 30 hours or more per week and their dependents are covered by a group plan, which includes health, dental, and catastrophic coverage. A double-coverage indemnity life insurance plan is provided for full-time employees plus life insurance for the spouse and dependent children.

Temporary full-time employees (up to four months) will not be eligible for insurance benefits. If the position changes, the employees’ status will be re-evaluated after the four-month period.

If employees have been covered by the district with insurance and then reduce their employment to less than six (6) hours per day or less than 30 hours weekly, or terminate, the employees have the option of continuing the insurance coverage, provided they pay the premiums. (As per Federal COBRA provisions)

Employees are covered by a worker's compensation insurance plan. Employees cannot receive "sick pay" due to industrial accidents and also collect salary for lost work time from the worker's compensation plan. There is to be no "double dipping."

Disability Insurance

Long-term disability insurance is provided for all district employees who are also eligible for and participate in the Utah Retirement System.

For purposes of determining whether or not an employee has become permanently or partially disabled, the guidelines as established by the current Long Term Disability Insurance carrier shall govern.

Liability Insurance

Each employee is covered by the insurance coverage of the Iron County School District for actions of liability related to their performance in their job classification.