Policy Code: GCL

Adoption Date: Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Review Date: Tuesday, April 24th, 2018


The primary goal for lane change credit is centered on making the teacher highly qualified and effective in his/her current assignment.

Application for Approval for Credit Form

University credit as well as workshop credit should relate to a teacher's current assignment. All lane change credit to be considered toward advancement on the salary schedule must first be approved by the district office and documented on the "Application for Approval for Credit Form".

  1. Both the teacher and the principal should sign this form, before submitting it to the district office.
  2. All graduate level credit (5000-6000 level courses) will count toward lane advancement beyond an earned degree (B.S., M.S., or equivalents) with prior approval.
  3. With written documented prior approval (Application for Approval for Credit), teachers may also earn lane advancement with undergraduate or workshop credit. The district must approve the undergraduate or workshop credit and teachers receiving the credit must be willing to train other teachers.
  4. All credits applied toward a lane change must be earned after the latest awarded university or college degree.
  5. Credits over six months old will not be considered for approval.
  6. Credit for advancement should be aligned with personal, school, and district improvement plans.
  7. Credit will be issued for district-sponsored and state-approved in-service activities at a rate of one (1) quarter unit for each ten (10) hours of activity outside of the employee's regular work assignment.
  8. On the "Prior Approval Form", space is available to "Request for Graduate Credit Form". These requests require the Superintendent’s approval.

Conditions Where Credit Counts for Lane Change Credit (with Prior Approval)

  1. If a teacher attends a conference or workshop held exclusively on contract time (i.e. on a Friday), and when offered university credit for application or extension activities, the teacher may pay for and use the university credit attached to these conferences. This is considered because of the extension activities required for conference participation.
  2. In situations where a conference includes both normal contract time (i.e. on a Friday) and also non-contract time (i.e. on a Saturday), the conference time may count for workshop hours on the lane change. This may be handled on a case-by-case basis based on the length of the conference.
  3. If an ICSD teacher works toward a second major, an additional endorsement, or an additional certification, the credit earned will count for lane change credit with prior approval.
  4. When the district initiates and pays for credits leading to an endorsement (to meet district needs), the credit will apply to lane change credit (i.e. ESL Endorsement, Federal Grant Incentives).
  5. Only credit earned from an accredited university, and workshops sponsored by the district or state, may count toward lane change credit.

Conditions where Credit Will Not Count for Lane Change Credit

  1. Conference/workshop hours generated exclusively on contract time cannot be counted for lane change credit.
  2. If a new employee first earned a bachelor's degree, then took courses to qualify him/her for the teaching position, he/she will enter at the bachelor degree level. Lane Change Credit is counted after earning proper teaching credentials.
  3. Student teaching credit does not count toward lane change.
  4. If an under-qualified teacher is hired, (due to special circumstances) the credit earned to become qualified will not earn lane change credit.
  5. Credit earned from a non-accredited institution will not count toward lane change credit.

Additional Lane Change Items

  1. Special exceptions to the Lane Change Policy will be handled on a case-by-case basis (i.e. A teacher enters a university program, whose status changes [upper division credit/graduate level credit]).
  2. Iron County School District workshops may provide either a stipend or lane change credit. Teachers taking Iron County workshops will not qualify for both.
  3. Credit hours must be earned prior to the beginning of the new school year in order for teachers to advance on the salary schedule. The transcripts or grades must be filed at the district office by October 1st. Exceptions may be made with prior approval of the superintendent.
  4. Prior Approval is the first step in the lane change process, and verification of credit is the last step.
  5. Contracts may be adjusted after verification is filed at the district office and before the deadline.
  6. It is the employee's responsibility to obtain written prior approval, and also to present evidence of completion (i.e. official transcripts).
  7. All approved Lane Change Credit must be submitted to the Iron County School District office prior to October 1st of the year for which a lane change is requested.
  8. Credit can be counted for both lane change credit and re-licensure points (because only one will affect the salary).
  9. Workshop Credit cannot be counted for both lane change credit and quality teaching hours [because both affect the salary]. The teacher will need to decide beforehand whether he/she wants lane change credit or quality teaching hours.