Policy Code: GCB

Adoption Date: Tuesday, February 27, 2018


The board delegates to the superintendent the responsibility of executing the adopted policies of the board and holds him/her accountable for recommending the most competent personnel from available sources. All personnel in the Iron County School District will be awarded contracts or letters of appointment and employed upon the recommendation of the superintendent and approved by the board.

  1. Contracts are by and between the employees and the board. No employee is permitted to terminate a contract without the mutual consent of the board. The board may require the employee to remain until a suitable replacement can be found.

  2. Professional personnel shall file with the Business Administrator proper certification issued by the state, an official transcript of college credits, and an affidavit of prior teaching experience before the first pay period.

  3. If a professional employee works more than one-half of a contract year, it shall be defined as one years' experience. Teachers working the equivalent of two half years will be given credit for one year.

  4. Salary increases are determined by the current salary schedule.

Length of Contracts

Contracts and appointments in the Iron County School District shall be for the number of days specified by the Board of Education as follows:

Teachers--185 days of regular contract.

Principals--The number of days of regular time as specified in the annual school calendar. These are to be the same days as those for the teachers. Additionally, principals will work extra days as follows:

a. Elementary schools (except Escalante Valley) - 30 days (215 total)

b. Escalante Valley Elementary School - 20 days (205 total)

c. District Middle Schools - 35 days (220 total)

d. District High Schools - 45 days (230 total)

e. Assistant principals - 25 days (210 total)