Policy Code: ECD-R

Adoption Date: Tuesday, September 25th, 2001

Review Date: Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Vehicles operated upon the property owned by the Iron County School District shall adhere to the following regulations.

(a) Maximum speed on school and district premises is ten (10) miles per hour.

(b) Vehicular traffic is limited to entering, exiting, and parking. No cruising or loitering will be permitted.

(c) All vehicles are restricted to designated roadways. Motorized vehicles will not be driven on lawns, sidewalks, paths, or other prohibited areas with the exception of maintenance vehicles.

(d) No parking will be allowed in the areas where the curb is painted red or green, designated "NO PARKING," or where such parking would obstruct vehicular traffic.

(e) Parking areas for students, visitors, and faculty and staff shall be designated. Students, staff and faculty shall not park in areas designated "FOR VISITORS" or "RESERVED.

(f) All district traffic and parking regulations and individual school regulations (if any) will be distributed to every student and faculty member at or before the beginning of each school year.