Policy Code: EGAAA-R

Adoption Date: Tuesday, June 17th, 2003

Review Date: Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

Regulations for Reproduction of Copyright Materials

Videotape Recordings

Teachers who wish to use television programs for instructional purposes will adhere to the following procedures in order to avoid copyright violations. There will be no other off-air taping of programs.

  1. Any teacher desiring that an instructionally related television program be taped for possible classroom use by the media center or school will complete a request form for off-air videotaping. The request will include an agreement that the teacher will abide by copyright requirements.
  2. Programs may be viewed by students no more than twice within 10 days after being recorded.
  3. Unless otherwise authorized by the producer, the videotape recording must be erased no later than 45 days after the taping of the requested program.
  4. No taped program may be exchanged with another school without specific written approval of the superintendent.
  5. The taped program will not be used for public viewing.
  6. The taped program will be used for the specific curriculum application for which the request was intended. No other curriculum application is authorized.
  7. Videotape libraries of commercial and non-commercial programs may be established only with written approval of the appropriate copyright holders. The instructional media center will be responsible for directing all formal requests for permission to use or retained copyright television programs.
  8. Published lists of authorized videotapes will be prepared for district and school collections.
  9. Individuals are required to fill out and return a preview evaluation card for each program videotaped.
  10. The videotapes used in classrooms must be approved for use in keeping with district policy and regulations on the use of supplementary instructional materials. (IGDC)
  11. Regulations apply to all forms of recorded media.