Policy Code: ECAE-2

Adoption Date: Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

Iron County School District

Grades K-5: Student Computer Acceptable Use Policy

The Iron County School District has access to the Internet, which is governed and supported by the Utah Education Network.

Use of the electronic information resources in the School District shall be to improve and support the educational process by providing access to global information. Students who abuse acceptable use, which includes, but is not limited to, copyrighted or threatening or obscene material, pornography, gambling, and inappropriate language will be subject to disciplinary action. Information students send or receive via computer resources may be viewed by others with or without parental knowledge.


To qualify for electronic information resource services, students must be willing to abide by the rules of acceptable use. Please work with us in helping your elementary school age child understand and abide by these simple but important rules of appropriate use.

Acceptable use means that as a student you will promise to use the computer resources, such as the Internet, with respect and responsibility. These rules also apply to the use of personal devices taken to school. As a student you will also promise to abide by school rules, this acceptable use policy, and classroom rules that will be taught by your teachers and other school staff. You must understand that use of the computer resources is designed to support your education. If rules are broken, a student may lose his/her privilege in using the computer resources. Please note the following rules:

Be Polite and Show Respect:

  1. When using the computer to write, send or to receive messages or information, always use appropriate school language and behavior.

  2. Show respect for others and self by not accessing or transmitting any immoral, obscene, pornographic, profane, lewd, vulgar, rude, defaming, harassing, threatening, disrespectful, or otherwise inappropriate images or information, or receiving such information from others.

  3. Show respect for property by not attempting damage, destruction, defacement, or theft of any electronic equipment, or attempting to disrupt or interfere with the use of any computer or electronic information resource. The computer resources belong to the school district.

  4. Do not attempt to store any illegal, inappropriate, or obscene material on district-owned electronic equipment.

Be Honest and Obey the Rules:

  1. When using the computer resources follow all posted rules and instructions given by your teacher. Use the computer resources for appropriate educational purposes only.

  2. Do not attempt any activity, which would violate any school, district or public laws.

  3. Do not attempt to bypass state, district, or school security (e.g. bypassing proxies or hacking servers or work stations), or any attempt to access information other than your own.

  4. Do not attempt any activity that would be a violation of copyright, trade secret or trade laws.

  5. You must report inappropriate use of the computer or Internet to a teacher or the principal.

Keep Personal Things Private:

It is advised that students not tell or show others any personal or family information over the Internet, such as: home address, phone numbers, passwords, or Social Security numbers. Do not log on or use another person’s account. Keep personal and electronic information private. Do not share your password with anyone.


The School District reserves the right to monitor and review any material on any machine at anytime in order for the District to determine any inappropriate use of network services. This includes personal devices such as cell phones, iPods, etc. If a school is concerned about the content on a personal device, the student must either unlock or provide the password to make that device and data accessible to the school administration and or law enforcement.


Use of any information obtained via the Internet is at the user’s own risk. Neither Iron County School District nor any supporting Internet services will be responsible for any damages that any student suffers. The School District expressly disclaims any liability in connection with the loss of data due to viruses, backup device failure, service interruptions, or other unforeseen reasons. The School District expressly denies any responsibility for the accuracy or quality of information obtained through any Internet service.


Iron County School District will implement security procedures on Internet access to protect against unacceptable use. Sharing of any usernames or passwords to anyone is not permissible and may result in the lost of account privileges. Computer users will be held accountable for any activity under their account. Any security problems will be reported immediately to the school/site administrator.


Students shall be instructed in appropriate online behavior including online safety, interacting with other individuals on social networking websites and in chat rooms, and regarding cyber-bullying awareness and response. This instruction will be included in the curriculum for elementary keyboarding, middle school CTE (Career and Technical Education) introduction, and high school computer technology courses which are required for all students.


Internet users may encounter material that is controversial which the user or administrator may consider inappropriate or offensive. The district has taken precautions to restrict access to inappropriate materials through a filtering and monitoring system. However, it is impossible on a global Internet to control access to all data which a user may discover. It is the user’s responsibility not to initiate access to such material. Any site or material that is deemed controversial should be reported immediately to the appropriate administrator. The School District expressly disclaims any obligation to discover all violations of inappropriate Internet access.

  1. Only registered students of the School District qualify for Internet access under this policy.

  2. Only the authorized users who have signed the user agreement shall have computer access. Users are ultimately responsible for all activity while using the Internet.

  3. The school principal, vice-principal and/or responsible teacher may suspend or terminate any computer user’s access for any reason whatsoever.

  4. All Internet or computer equipment access of a student is automatically terminated at the moment of withdrawal, or expulsion of the student from the School District.

  5. All student Internet use must have teacher/staff supervision.

  6. Students will assume all risk for personal devices taken to school. If a private device becomes lost, stolen or damaged, Iron County School District is not responsible for any costs to replace the device or to restore lost data.


Any user violating this policy or applicable state and federal laws may be restricted from Internet use or use of any or all computers (in addition to other disciplinary options). Such additional options may include suspension, expulsion and/or referral to legal authorities.