Policy Code: EBB

Adoption Date: Tuesday, February 25th, 2014



Students participating in educational activities involving the following materials or experiences, are required to wear industrial quality eye protection devices:

(a) Hot molten metals.

(b) Operation of equipment (such as, but not limited to, power tools) which may throw foreign matter into eyes.

(c) Heat treating or kiln firing of industrial materials.

(d) Gas or electric welding.

(e) Caustic or explosive materials.

(f) Chemistry and physics laboratories when using caustic or explosive chemicals.

(g) Hot liquids or solids.

Students will be expected to purchase their own protective eyewear. Each school shall maintain sufficient protective equipment for use by students qualifying for fee waivers, teachers, and visitors to the area.


The school district provides approved cleaning chemical products for classroom use that are correctly labeled according to GHS (Global Harmonized System) standards. No other cleaning chemicals are to be brought into the schools from outside sources or used in classrooms. To do so, puts the safety of our students at risk.