Policy Code: EEA-R

Adoption Date: Tuesday, September 25th, 2001

Review Date: Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008


Transportation for special education students is a "related service" under law. A student who is not eligible under state transportation programs may be eligible under this law if the IEP team determines that the service is necessary to assist the disabled student to benefit from special education programs.

The following rules govern transportation services for students with disabilities:

  1. A designated, responsible adult must complete an information card, which contains a picture of the child and relevant medical information. This information is required and used by both regular drivers and substitutes. All information is confidential.

  2. Students must be ready for school five minutes before the scheduled bus arrival time. State regulations require that a driver wait only one minute for a student. If the student misses the bus, it is the responsibility of the designated responsible adult to get him/her to school.

  3. Students will be picked-up at the curb line or another point designated by the transportation department for reasons of safety. Drivers will not normally be allowed to pull into driveways.

  4. School buses may not traverse unimproved roads. Roads must be maintained and meet county standards.

  5. If a student must miss school the parent must notify the bus driver as far in advance as possible.

  6. It will be necessary for the responsible adult to help the student board and exit the bus if he/she is unable to do so without help. Wheelchair students MUST have a seat belt.

  7. Requests to pick-up or drop-off students at other locations will be accommodated only if the location is within the bus route area and the request is a permanent arrangement that has been approved by the district director of transportation. Iron School District will not make daily changes in drop-off and pick-up locations. Except for occasional emergencies or extenuating circumstances students will be picked-up and dropped-off only at the permanent predetermined location.

  8. The IEP team shall require that a responsible adult meet the bus when the student is dropped-off. If the responsible adult is unable to be there, he/she must arrange for someone else to be there.

    In the event that no one is home to meet the student, the following procedures will be followed:

    a. Reasonable effort will be made to contact the responsible adult.

    b. Attempts will be made to contact the alternate person designated on the student bus information card.

    c. If the driver is unable to locate the responsible adult or the designated alternate, the district director of transportation will consider:

    • returning the student to the school

    • taking the student to designated day care provider (at parent expense)

    • contacting the police or social services agency

    d. If the problem occurs on multiple occasions a referral will be made to Protective Services.

    e. In the event that a driver must make multiple runs or change routes, the following will occur:

    • parents will be billed for extra driver time and mileage.

    • parents will be charged for day care services provided.