Policy Code: EEA

Adoption Date: Tuesday, December 14th, 2004

Review Date: Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008


It is the responsibility of parents or guardians to transport their student(s) to and from school safely. Bus transportation will be provided for regular elementary and secondary students who attend a school that is farther from the home than the distance specified by the Utah State Legislature. Individuals not meeting this criterion are not permitted to ride the bus.

a) Regular elementary students that live 1.5 miles or farther from the school of attendance are eligible for transportation on district school buses.

b) Regular secondary students that live 2.0 miles or farther from the school of attendance are eligible for transportation on district school buses.

c) Minimum distance between bus stops is .3 miles in safe areas.

Disabled pupils who fall under definitions as specified in the school finance law are eligible for transportation regardless of the distance from the school. Whenever possible, special education students will ride regular buses (See EEA-R).

The Iron County School District reserves the right, within limits prescribed by law, either to provide transportation or to pay in lieu of transportation. The District will not operate buses on dead-end or doubling-back runs unless the number of students transported is ten (10) or more, which justifies the cost of bus operation.

The transportation system is established by the state to provide only for school transportation. It is not a general, public mass transit system and is not licensed as such or insured for such services. Therefore, individuals may not ride buses to work, to college, or to other destinations. Students may ride buses only on their designated routes and only from their regular designated entry and exit points. Parents will specify a single entry and exit point for their student. Adults may only ride at the invitation or request of school or district administration.

Under Utah Code, the Iron School District will not use any vehicle with a seating capacity of 11 or more, including the driver, for the transportation of its students unless the vehicle meets federal school bus safety standards.