Policy Code: ECB

Adoption Date: Tuesday, June 19th, 2012


Iron County School District Student/Parent Policy for use of a Privately Owned Electronic Device

Beginning August 1, 2012, Iron County School District will allow students to use privately owned electronic devices to access the Iron School District wireless network in all Iron District schools. This wireless access provided to the devices is designed to enhance the students’ educational experience and outcomes. Connecting to the Iron School District Wi-Fi network with personal devices is a privilege, not a right, and it is not a requirement for students in Iron School District. Permission to bring and use privately owned devices is contingent upon adherence to Iron School District guidelines. If a privately owned device is used by a student to disrupt the educational environment, in the sole opinion of Iron School District that student’s privileges may be limited or revoked.

General Rules
  1. All students may use a privately owned electronic “Internet ready” device on the Iron School District wireless network by completing and submitting the attached BYOT Policy Agreement to his/her homeroom teacher.

  2. The use of the privately owned electronic device is solely limited to support and enhance instructional activities currently occurring in the classroom environment.

  3. Recognizing that all such devices may not be appropriate for instructional situations, personal electronic devices will be considered for classroom use if they are mobile and have the capability of browsing the Internet. These items include, but are not limited to: laptops, netbooks, tablets, cell phones, e-readers and hand-held gaming devices. The final determination of devices that are appropriate to connect to the Iron School District network rests with the school administration.

  4. Students are prohibited from accessing the Internet using private 3G or 4G subscriptions through their own Internet Service Provider.

  5. Connecting a privately owned electronic device may not be successful if the technical specifications for wireless protocol are not met. Devices must use 802.11g or 802.11n Wi-Fi connectivity only to access the district’s wireless network.

  6. No privately owned electronic device may be attached to any Iron School District network if a signed AUP and BYOT policy form are not on file in the Iron School District student information system.

  7. All information related to the privately owned electronic device(s) that is requested by this form will be submitted by the student prior to accessing the network.

  8. No student shall establish a wireless ad-hoc or peer-to-peer network using his/her electronic device or any other wireless device while on school grounds. This includes, but is not limited to using a privately owned electronic device as a cabled or wireless hotspot. Example: Using a personal device as a server so that students can play an online game; e.g. Battlefield Heroes, Warflow.

  9. No privately owned electronic device should ever be connected by cable to the Iron School District network. Network access is provided via Wi-Fi / wireless connection only. No one is allowed to connect a privately owned electronic device to the network by an Ethernet cable plugged into a data jack in the school. Violation of this term will result in disciplinary action and revocation of access to the network.

  10. Teacher permission is necessary for student use of a privately owned electronic device during classroom instruction or the classroom period.

  11. Voice, video, and image capture applications may only be used with prior written teacher permission and for specific instructional purpose(s).

  12. The teacher may request at any time that the privately owned electronic device be turned off and put away. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action and revocation of access to the network. See Iron County School District Network Services/Internet Acceptable Use Policy.

  13. Sound should be muted unless the teacher grants permission for use of sound associated with the instructional activities.

  14. The privately owned electronic device owner is the only person allowed to use the device.

  15. No student shall use another student’s district- or school-issued log-on credentials.

  16. No student shall knowingly attempt to gain access to any computer, computer system, computer network, information storage media, or peripheral equipment without the consent of authorized school or district personnel.

  17. No district-owned academic or productivity software can be installed on personal devices.

  18. No student shall use any computer or device to illegally collect any electronic data or disrupt networking services. Students may not engage in any malicious use, disruption or harm to the school network, Internet services, learning environment or any other electronic device owned by the school, any school personnel and/or student.

  19. Students may not attempt to use any software, utilities or other means to access Internet sites or content blocked by school district Internet filters.

  20. Under the provisions of the BYOT program, parents who choose to allow students to use their own technology and students who bring personal technology do so knowing that it will diminish their expectation of privacy regarding their personal electronic device while at school. The school reserves the right to search a privately owned electronic device in accordance with applicable laws and policies if there is reasonable suspicion that the student has violated Iron School District policies, administrative procedures, school rules, or engaged in other misconduct while using the device.

  21. Devices are brought to school at the students’ and parents’ own risk. In the unlikely event that a privately owned device is lost, stolen or damaged, Iron School District is not responsible for any financial or data loss.

Consequences of General Use

Violation of school or district policies, local, state and/or federal laws while using a personal electronic device on the Iron School District wireless network will result in appropriate disciplinary and/or legal action as specified in the Student Handbook and Conduct Code, School Board policy as well as by local, state and/or federal law.

Privately Owned Electronic Device Security Risks

Laptops and other portable electronic devices are vulnerable to loss and theft. These devices should be engraved or otherwise permanently marked with owner information. Students and parents who choose to allow their children to bring privately owned electronic devices on school property must assume total responsibility for these devices and be aware of all risks. If a privately owned electronic device is stolen, this must be reported to a building administrator immediately. Per Iron School District policy, the school district will not accept responsibility for loss, damage, theft, damage or non-working personal property. Laptops and all other personal electronic devices that are lost, stolen, or damaged are the responsibility of the student and their parents or guardians. The school district and school district personnel cannot attempt to repair, correct, troubleshoot, or be responsible for malfunctioning personal hardware or software.

Iron County School District reserves the right to examine the privately owned electronic device and search its contents if there is reason to believe that school district policies or local, state and/or federal laws have been violated. In the event that a student believes that his/her password has been compromised, he/she should immediately reset his/her password using a school district computer.