Policy Code: EBCC-R

Adoption Date: Tuesday, June 19th, 2001

Review Date: Tuesday, October 24, 2017


In the event that a phone call or other notice is received indicating that something of a dangerous nature is going to happen in a school, the school should refer to their Emergency Operation Plan (EOP). The plans include the following procedures, which have been developed in cooperation with local police and fire officials, and will be followed by the person receiving the threat:

  1. Notify immediately:

    a. Police (who will notify the fire department ) b. Principal of the threatened school c. Superintendent of schools (who will inform the Board of Education)

  2. The person receiving a threat by phone will note the exact time of the call and attempt to get a voice description of the caller--age, sex, identifying patterns of speech, etc.

  3. Police and fire department emergency vehicles will respond.

  4. The senior police officer present and the building principal or designated school official will determine what procedure to follow. They may order the building evacuated and implement such by means of a fire drill.

  5. The police and designated school personnel will conduct a search of the premises under the direction of the senior police officer.

  6. Students may return to the building only upon the order of the senior police officer.

  7. The investigation of the event will be conducted by the police.