Policy Code: EEAD

Adoption Date: Tuesday, May 16th, 2017


District vehicles shall be used only for official school business; private use is strictly forbidden.

Buses are to travel only on federal, state, county, and city maintained roads and highways.

Per the requirements of State Risk Management, Iron District vehicles can only be rented to Higher Education Institutions, Charter Schools, or other Utah School Districts. School groups will be required to pay for the use of buses and vehicles during the summer recess either from the district or private rental companies.

Only properly licensed drivers employed by the school district will be permitted to drive a district vehicle. Only licensed drivers age 21 or older will be permitted to drive other district vehicles. Proof that the driver has been properly licensed is required before vehicle use authorization will be given.

Utah State Risk Management requires anyone driving a school vehicle to and from a school sponsored activity to complete their Defensive Driver Training. District employees needing to drive their own vehicle must also complete the training.

The rental rate will be based on actual costs for gas, driver, and operational expenses.

Student Out of State travel

To merit consideration by the Superintendent or Board for approval of an out-of-state trip, the following minimum conditions must by met, but not limited to:

  1. Completion of form EEAD-E for out-of-state travel and meeting with advisors. Advisors must not make plans, introduce idea to student, or make financial commitments prior to completing form and meeting with the superintendent for approval. Student and/or parent pressure groups shall not be included for this presentation.
  2. The advisor shall provide information showing that the trip has educational merit, and why the proposed activity cannot be accomplished at a location within the state.
  3. The students involved may miss no more than two instructional days per trip.
  4. The trip must be contracted to a private carrier covered by liability insurance to and from the destination.
  5. The group prior to the trip must raise total and adequate funds. Individual students must not be required to pay a fee for the trip.

*Risk management has strongly recommended that all districts in the state avoid out-of-state travel due to liability reasons. Iron County School District recognizes the need for some out-of-state travel based on our close proximity to Nevada and Arizona. Therefore, for the purposes of this policy, the following locations will be considered in-state: Nevada – Boulder City, Ely, Las Vegas, Mesquite, Moapa Valley, Pahrump, and Panaca/Pioche, and Baker (Lehman Caves); Arizona – Fredonia and Page.


All trips involving transportation must be cleared through the district office. Trips must be authorized before they are discussed with students. Trips are primarily for educational purposes and are to be closely related to classroom activities. A travel request form must be completed for each trip.

Written permit slips from parents must be filed for all field trips.

Field trips cannot be taken during the last two weeks of the school year unless approved by the superintendent.

Actual costs will be charged against school budget allocations.


Buses may be used to take students to school-scheduled activities. Costs for such trips will be charged to individual school allocations based on actual costs for gas, driver, and operational expenses.

Buses may be used to transport students who will be spectators at school-sponsored activities away from home. Moneys from student charges are to be submitted to the district office at the end of the month. Schools will be charged with actual costs for each trip.

The district discourages the use of buses for overnight and out-of-state trips.

Special transportation shall not be provided to transport students for extracurricular practices.


Student transportation to and from out-of-town school activities and events shall be in school-authorized vehicles only. During out of town travel, students using school-authorized vehicles will only be released from such transportation to a parent or guardian.*

The Utah High School Activities Association prohibits students traveling to a state sanctioned event other than with the teams in District approved vehicles.

An emergency need may arise that makes it necessary for students to be released to someone other than a parent or guardian or school staff member, and to travel in a private vehicle from a school sponsored activity. In order for these situations to be approved, the student’s parent or legal guardian must carefully explain the situation in person to a school administrator and submit a signed explanatory document at least 24 hours prior to the school activity involved to seek approval. The principal shall then seek approval from the appropriate District Director and notify the school personnel responsible for the activity. In the event that a student is released to someone other than the legal guardian, a picture form of identification must be checked to verify identity.