Policy Code: DN

Adoption Date: Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

Review Date: Tuesday, January 26th, 2016


The following regulations and procedures will be observed in disposing of equipment, books, and materials no longer needed or useful in the schools.

  1. No surplus, obsolete, or otherwise unneeded item will be discarded or disposed of by teacher or other school employee. Such items will be set aside and reported to the proper department head or principal.

  2. The principal will prepare lists of such material by March 1st of each year. A list of the non-instructional items will be sent to the Business Administrator; a list of the instructional items will be sent to the appropriate curriculum directors.

  3. The directors will determine whether there is possible use of the items elsewhere within the school system. If so, they will provide for removal of the items to the appropriate locations.

  4. The Business Administrator or a designee will be responsible for classifying all other unneeded instructional and noninstructional items as to their approximate value.

  5. Textbook Disposal:

    a. Notification of useable textbooks will be given to the USOE in writing by April 1st of each year.

    b. Textbooks that are determined to be unusable by the Iron District will be donated to any district or home school that asks for them.

    c. Outdated and unused textbooks will be kept until October 1st at which time they will be disposed of by burning or burying.

  6. Items having resale value will be put to bid, if bidding is required; otherwise sale will be negotiated in the manner most advantageous to the district. Items having no resale value will be offered to nonprofit organizations or they may be disposed of in any appropriate manner.