Policy Code: DLA

Adoption Date: Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

Review Date: Tuesday, November 24th, 2015


The Iron County School District salary schedules are set up in terms of steps and lanes for licensed personnel and steps and grades for classified personnel. On the licensed salary schedule, the lanes refer to educational credit hours over and above a bachelor’s degree. The steps on this same schedule generally refer to longevity in a particular lane. On the classified salary schedule, grades refer to job classification; steps refer to years of employment. It should be noted that steps do not directly coincide with years of service and should not be interpreted as such.

Placement on the Licensed Salary Schedule

Personnel coming to Iron County School District from other districts will be evaluated according to their training and experience to determine placement on the Iron District salary schedule. Credit on the salary schedule will be given only for experience or training related to the employment assignment according to the following schedule: 1 year of previous experience = 1 step up to the 7th year, then 2 years previous experience = 1 step to a maximum of step 12. Exceptions to this placement will be made by the School Board.

When current teachers move to a different lane they are allowed to receive a one-step increase in addition to the increase they get for their lane change. This may or may not reflect years of service for a variety of reasons.

Credit Toward Lane Advancement on the Salary Schedule (GLC)

All credit to be considered toward advancement on the salary schedule must first be approved by the district office and documented on the Application for Approval for Credit. (Available at schools and district office.) All graduate level credits will count toward lane advancement beyond an earned degree (B.S., M.S., or equivalent) with that prior approval. With written documented prior approval (Application for Approval for Credit), teachers may also earn lane advancement with undergraduate or workshop credit, if the undergraduate or workshop credit is approved by the district, and teachers are willing to inservice other teachers in the district on the subject matter covered. All credits applied towards a lane change must be earned after the latest earned university or college degree. Credits over six (6) months old will not be considered for approval.

Credit for advancement should be aligned with personal, school and district improvement plans.

Credit will be issued for district-sponsored and state-approved inservice activities at a rate of one (1) unit for each ten (10) hours of activity outside of the employee’s regular work assignment.

It is the employee’s responsibility to obtain written documentation of credit towards advancement on the salary schedule, and to present evidence of completion of the course, or inservice. This documentation must be recorded with the Iron County School District office prior to October 1 of the year for which a salary lane change is requested.