Policy Code: DFD

Adoption Date: Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Review Date: Tuesday, May 19th, 2015


Leasing of vacated buildings, portions of buildings, and equipment will be subject to Board approval. Although the Board will avoid lease arrangements that involve it in property management activities, temporary use of surplus property by another public agency, private individual, or other legal entity may be authorized by the Board.

Such use will be for a fixed term and subject to regulations and written agreement designed to protect the school district from any expense, loss, or liability arising out of such use.

The Board will approve a schedule of fees to be charged to non-school related groups for use of school facilities for various events by July 1 of each year. Southern Utah University will not be charged for official uses of school property unless SUU is charging their participants for the event.

School equipment is not to be loaned unless approved by the principal (See DFD-E). For example, computers, video recorders are to remain at school unless the proper steps have been taken to borrow the equipment (See DFD-E).

See also, policy KG on Community Use of School Facilities.