Policy Code: DLC-R

Adoption Date: Tuesday, May 16th, 2017


Travel reimbursement
  1. Lodging: Actual cost allowed (receipt required).
  2. Meals: In-state allowances for meals will be set by the School Board. For out-of-state trips, the IRS guidelines for reimbursement will be followed.
  3. Travel:
    a. bus -- actual cost b. plane -- actual cost (lowest rate) plus ground transportation c. district car – figure at actual cost d. personal car – will only be allowed if a district car is not available. Mileage rates allowed for personal car use will be set by the School Board. e. if a district car is going and space is available, mileage will not be paid for additional private vehicles. f. if travel reimbursement is made by another agency and a district car is used, such reimbursement shall be turned over to the district. It is illegal to collect from two agencies for the same trip.