Policy Code: DJ-R

Adoption Date: Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Purchasing Regulations

  1. Requisitions must be complete. Incomplete requisitions will be returned to the principal or supervisor.
  2. District personnel shall not purchase items without first sending in a requisition and receiving a purchase order from the Business Administrator. This procedure must be followed in all cases where such items are to be charged to the school district. When local purchases are made, first secure a purchase order through the principal from the district office. At the time of purchase, sign the sales slip and send one copy back to the district office. Be sure the purchase order number is written on the sales slip.
  3. Approval orders. Some items must be previewed. Please submit your requisition as usual and label "Order on Approval Only." A purchase order will be sent, labeled the same way, and the invoice will not be paid until the district office has been notified to do so.
  4. Emergencies. In case of rush items, call appropriate director to receive permission and district will issue a purchase order.
  5. Violations. Failure to comply with the above procedures may result in the individual or the school being held responsible for payment of the invoice.
  6. School equipment. Ordinarily items over $500 (see policy DID) in cost that will not be consumed in a short time, but will last and can be identified and inventoried, are defined as equipment.

Procurement of Goods and Services

The Iron County School District will comply with legal standards established by the Utah Procurement Code and guidelines provided by the State Office of Education. Please note the following district guidelines:

  1. $0 - $1,000: The “Individual Procurement Item” threshold is a maximum of $1,000. A department may direct purchase multiple items from one source at one time without bids/quotes, up to a maximum of $5,000 so long as ALL items are less than $1,000 each. If any one item exceeds $1,000 a minimum of two bids or quotes is required. $1000 - $50,000: Minimum of two written bids or quotes. >$50,000 - Sealed bid/RFP process with advertisement, unless otherwise specified in policy.
  2. The school or department head should prepare specifications describing the item or services desired. Include required size, function, and quality. Specific brand names may be listed with an indication that a comparable quality is desired.
  3. A minimum of two quotations shall be obtained and submitted with the requisition to the district office.
  4. A reasonable time for response should be allowed. Especially in the case of written bids, a minimum of seven (7) days is required.
  5. "Informal" bids secured by telephone shall be acceptable in cases where the dollar amount does not exceed the small purchases threshold of $1,000 per individual procurement item, or $5,000 cumulative from one individual source. Informal bids should be recorded on the district requisition form.
  6. The low bid meeting the criteria should be accepted. When a preference for other than the low bid is desired, written justification must also be attached to the requisition.
  7. Follow the same procedures for purchases made with "school" or internal funds. Keep the information on file at least three years.
  8. The district staff will assist by suggesting sources. The district will also coordinate and mail bid forms for quantity purchases, to obtain a better bid. The staff will also handle major purchases with input from the specialists involved.
  9. Purchases made under the state bidding contracts must contain the state contract number on the requisition and do not require individual bids be secured by the district or school.