Policy Code: DL

Adoption Date: Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Review Date: Tuesday, November 24th, 2015


The Board shall, on an annual basis, adopt a policy setting forth salaries and benefits for each class of employees of the district.

All salaries and supplements paid regular staff members, substitute or part-time personnel, and student workers will be paid through the business office.

Substitutes for district employees shall be paid at the appropriate, established rate (see DL-R) for the first 20 consecutive days of employment as a substitute for a specific district employee. Beginning with the 21st consecutive day of employment as a substitute for a specific district employee, the substitute will be paid according to the base lane and step of the applicable salary schedule.

Substitutes encountering a unique situation, such as an emergency long-term substitution, should contact the Business Administrator at the district office who can review the pay on a case by case basis.

Proper payroll procedures are dependent on staff attendance accounting and on the signing-in and signing-out of state and federal programs for part-time and hourly workers, including personnel doing extra work for extra pay. The necessary procedures for this will be established by the Business Administrator and carried out by administrative personnel.

Compensation records kept by the business office will reflect an accurate history of the compensation and related benefits accorded each employee.