Policy Code: DFE

Adoption Date: Tuesday, June 16th, 2015


Admission prices for athletic events will be based on the recommendations of the UHSAA region of which the school is a member.

The principal is responsible for the proper collection, supervision, disbursement and/or remittance of these charges.

Admission to those school events for which an admission is charged ordinarily will be by tickets or special passes only. Adequate records will be maintained for accounting purposes.

The school district provides all employees a free athletic pass each year, which admits the employee plus one additional person. Passes must be obtained in person each year at the district office. The pass is non-transferable and the person whose name is on the pass must present the pass for entrance to athletic events.

Non-athletic productions for which admissions may be charged

  1. Major school plays.

  2. Major musical.

  3. Guest artists or programs for which an admission is charged shall not be promoted by the high schools unless expressly approved in writing by the superintendent or the board.

Activities for which admission shall not be charged

  1. All music concerts.

  2. Individual class activities such as a junior play, a senior revue, etc.

  3. Activities considered to be student oriented which should be sponsored under the student body budget. An activity card should provide entrance to most activities; otherwise, the card is of no value.

Ticket sales and promotion

Ticket sales and promotion are governed by the Iron County School District policies for fundraising (see Student Fund-Raising Activities, IGDF).

Middle Schools shall not charge admission.

The conditions of this policy do not include student body dances, but the same criteria on selling and promoting such activities should be followed and costs should be reasonable.