Policy Code: DFF

Adoption Date: Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

Copyrights and Royalties

School District Participation in Dramatic Play and Musical Royalties

An annual allowance not to exceed $500.00 for any major drama production and $1,000.00 for one major musical production will be allowed upon verification of actual costs incurred. Royalties are considered as part of the costs.

Materials Developed within the Iron County School District

Materials, including computer software programs, developed by persons in the employ of the district--including faculty, other staff, and students--become the property of the Board of Education if the materials were developed during the hours of employment and/or with the use of district-owned equipment or supplies.

To encourage employees and students to develop such materials and programs for use within and outside the school district, special agreements may be initiated between the creators of the materials and the Board, through the Superintendent.

The copyright and royalties of computer software programs and other materials developed solely at an individual's expense and on his or her own time will be the property of the individual.