Policy Code: DIE-R

Adoption Date: Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

Review Date: Tuesday, June 16th, 2015


  1. Audits shall be made annually by a competent public accountant.

    The school district Board of Education shall cause an audit to be made of its accounts by a competent public accountant. The audit shall be made at least annually. The audit shall be a complete audit of the accounts of all officers of such entity having responsibility for the care, management, collection, or disbursement of money belonging to it or appropriated by law or otherwise acquired for its use or benefit.

  2. Generally accepted auditing standards shall be used.

    Audits shall be performed and financial statements presented in accordance with generally accepted auditing and accounting standards, principles, and procedures promulgated by recognized authoritative bodies.

  3. Audit reports shall be filed and preserved.

    All required audit reports shall be filed and preserved by the local Board of Education and copies thereof shall be filed with the state auditor. Copies of the audits affecting school districts shall also be filed in the office of the Superintendent of public instruction.

  4. The auditor's field work must be completed before the annual financial report is submitted on October 1.

    The auditors shall complete their fieldwork in sufficient time to allow them to verify necessary audit adjustments included in the annual financial report to the State Superintendent. The Annual Financial Report of the school district for the school year then closing, containing items required by law or by the State Board of Education shall be forwarded to the state superintendent no later that October 1.

  5. The statistical audit report is due July 15.

    The opinion on the statistical report of the auditors shall be forwarded to the State Superintendent no later than July 15 of each year.

  6. The audited financial report shall be prepared as required by Utah Code.

    The annual financial report of the school district, attested to by independent auditors, shall be prepared as required by the Utah Code. The completed audit report shall be delivered to the school district Board of Education and the State Superintendent of public instruction as required by law.

  7. Audits are to be verified by The State Board of Education.

    The State Board of Education is responsible for verifying audits of financial and student accounting records of school district for purposes of determining allocation of Uniform School Fund money.

  8. Copies of audits shall be open to inspection.

    Copies of the audits shall be open to inspection during regular office hours by any interested person or persons wherever filed.

  9. Federal auditing requirements are to be met.

    In the event the Iron County School District receives federal funding, the audits shall be performed in accordance with both federal and state auditing requirements.

    Current basic federal auditing requirements are set forth in the Single Audit Act of 1984 and Office of Management and Budget Circular A-128. Because school districts are in a sub-recipient relationship with the State Board of Education, the State Board is responsible for requiring annual single audits of all school districts.

    Within federal standards, the cost of auditing any federal program should be charged to the program.

Utah Code 53A-3-404

Utah Code 53A-1-405